Holiday Binging

You’ve just stuffed yourself with a nice high-calorie holiday meal and as you sit slumped in your chair, all bloated and half-lifeless, you wonder why you wolfed down so much food. It’s quite well known that food comas are just about as common as hangovers induced by too much drinking during holidays. Well, the fact

10 Ways of Staying Healthy on Vacation

Gearing up for a big summer vacation? All set to take a trip to an exotic locale and indulge in the sights, sounds and cuisine? Here are 10 tips for staying healthy on vacation: Most of us look at a vacation as an opportunity to relax and have fun, and the very thought of eating

Exercises that Help Improve Your Sex Life

Did you know that enthusiastic sex for an hour can help you burn off more than 80 calories? But then, an hour of sex is asking for too much for most of us! However, there is something that can help you boost your stamina and your pleasure – EXERCISE! The right exercises can increase your

Increase Your Brain Power & Limit the Risk of Alzheimer’s with the Right Foods

Did you know that a healthy, balanced and a nutrient-rich diet can enhance your brainpower and can reduce the risk ofAlzheimer’s disease by 40%? A study published by Columbia Universityin 2010 demonstrated that a diet that was rich in fish, poultry, olive oil, nuts and some fruits and vegetables could increase brain health and lower the risk

Tips on Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Did you know that stress in the workplace can lead to numerous health problems, which may include weight gain, ageing, depression and even hypertension? If you have a high-pressured job or find yourself feeling stressed at work, here are some tips on reducing stress and to help you enhance your sense of wellbeing. [list type="icon-arrow"]