Get Rid of Soreness…FAST!

You just killed it at the gym. You ran your fastest mile ever. You hit those splits while riding your bike like never before. You just made it to a whole new fitness level, but instead of pure joy, you feel absolutely, relentlessly...sore. Don't let the sore muscles dampen your spirts!  HOW TO GET RID


Exercising is great for all aspects of your life. You feel better, you sleep better, you look better. So of course you want to make the most of your workouts!   CHECK OUT THESE FULL BODY WORKOUTS THAT WILL GET YOUR HEART PUMPING! Let's get the intensity level up!   1) TURKISH GET-UPS To complete a Turkish Get-Up,

Don’t Miss The Motivation Blast!

The Motivation Blast is a pre-event gathering for the 2016 PFiTBC Pro-Am. IT'S JUNE 20TH!   That's a Monday! 5-7PM! Hey, this is guaranteed the most fun 2 hours you can spend on a Monday evening!   TONS OF RAFFLES! A FREE GET FIT KIT FOR EVERY ATTENDEE! A FREE **DELUXE** GET FIT KIT FOR

6 Foods To Fuel Your Brain!

Hey everyone!  Focusing on mental health is just as important as physical and cardiovascular training.  More and more research supports the notion that if you 'feed' your brain the 'right' stuff, you'll keep your brain in top shape. A healthy brain shouldn't be viewed as another health dimension on its own, but rather as a

5 Ridiculously Good Looking Charts

Here, you will find 5 Ridiculously Good Looking Charts to help you eat healthy! These charts are some really informative, cool-looking infographics that are tailored to instantly help you eat healthy.  They are really simple, yet extremely educational charts that can help you stay motivated and keep you on track on your daily quest! The Internet