Looking for some insight from accomplished competitors?  Scroll down and read stories from 2015 PFiTBC winners on how they felt during their journey towards personal transformation and how it helped them win on stage!  Use their insights to help YOU get that trophy in your arms! In a nutshell, HARD WORK PAYS OFF! The Precision Divas & Dudes

Get Out Of A Funk!

Been in a funk lately?   Looking for any motivation to keep you going?  Well, we've all been there!   Our fitness and wellbeing goals will be tested time and time again...and that's okay!  The "funk" times will test our perseverance and patience.  Ultimately, with the right mindset and self awareness, we can all achieve

Coach Janis

Thinking About Competing in Your First Bodybuilding Competition? Check Out IFBB and NPC Coach Janis Garrido’s Path to Competing – and Winning! The path to competing in your first bodybuilding competition is a grueling, but rewarding, journey. Just like everyone training to compete for the first time, even the best professionals had to start somewhere. Coach

Don’t Miss The Motivation Blast!

The Motivation Blast is a pre-event gathering for the 2016 PFiTBC Pro-Am. IT'S JUNE 20TH!   That's a Monday! 5-7PM! Hey, this is guaranteed the most fun 2 hours you can spend on a Monday evening!   TONS OF RAFFLES! A FREE GET FIT KIT FOR EVERY ATTENDEE! A FREE **DELUXE** GET FIT KIT FOR


Time to shape up that hot bod of yours and win some prizes!  Celebrate Brave, Bold, Beautiful YOU! Get that smokin' physique the recognition it deserves!  Yes, we're talking about this year's PRECISION FIT BODY CHAMPIONSHIP...the PFiTBC 2016 PRO-AM!  Early sign-ups (this means NOW) are GUARANTEED big discounts, UNLIMITED CROSSOVERS and... An Invite to our Exclusive Pre-Event MOTIVATION BLAST,


This year, you’ve got TWO events to prepare for… ** 1: The MAIN EVENT ** The 2016 Precision Fit Body Championship Pro-Am puts you on-stage on Saturday, September 10th. SIGN UP NOW! :) Early sign-ups are guaranteed up to $50 dollars in savings and an invite to our exclusive pre-event PFIT MOTIVATION BLAST! Early sign-ups also receive a DELUXE Get