Clean Eating: Asian-inspired Chicken Salad

If you happen to find the sheer list of ingredients below even mildly intimidating, by all means resort to a package of 5-spice tofu rather than marinating and grilling chicken breasts. But that would squeeze all the reward and mesmerizing flavor out of your kitchen efforts, wouldn’t it? You can really get creative though by

Straightforward Chicken Delights – Basic Sautéed Chicken

Your chicken recipes need not be very fancy as long as you’re preparing them the right way. Properly sautéed chicken breasts can be a real delight. Once ready, you can make simple pan sauce and eat them or you could slice them up and use in a salad or pasta, even fill up sandwiches or

The Good Life – Moist and Tender Chicken Breasts

Some General Factoids As probably well-known, particularly by you avid gym-goers, chicken is an excellent source of protein. One 6 oz. serving of chicken provides 48g of protein. Chicken has a high potassium count as well, in addition to calcium and has no carbs. Without a doubt, it’s a healthy and filling option. Healthy cuts