10 Recipes for Health-ier Thanksgiving Dishes

Yes, It's that wonderful month of the year..the month we celebrate THANKSGIVING!  As Americans, we typically begin the holiday season with this festive, 152-year-old tradition.  It's a time when friends, family, and loved ones all gather 'round and give thanks and praise, hopefully not with a side of bickering and quarrel! Although there is much discussion

Delicious and Simple Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies, Smoothies, Smoothies... Committing to a healthy, well balanced dietary plan can be difficult, especially when you're busy - and when aren't you, right?!?  No fear...these Delicious and Simple Smoothie Recipes provide an excellent alternative to the traditional sit-down meal. Remember, when just don't have the time, don't abandon your dietary commitment - double down on it!

Clean Eating: Asian-inspired Chicken Salad

If you happen to find the sheer list of ingredients below even mildly intimidating, by all means resort to a package of 5-spice tofu rather than marinating and grilling chicken breasts. But that would squeeze all the reward and mesmerizing flavor out of your kitchen efforts, wouldn’t it? You can really get creative though by

Blueberry Coconut Bread

There’s a lot to making scrumptious and wholesome blueberry coconut bread than just a fancy recipe. For example, choosing the right kind of flour can have a major impact on not just the taste but also boost the health factor of your recipe. Going with gluten-free almond flour is among the healthiest choices one can