Muscle Recovery and Growth

Muscles need a certain amount of time in order to fully strengthen and repair post-workout.  For an effective Muscle Recovery and Growth regimen, follow these 5 scientifically proven ways to improve the process.    1. Sleep Rest allows the opportunity for your muscles to repair, recharge, and regrow.  It is during sleep where Growth Hormone

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[space height="20"] Life can be hectic sometimes, so we want to make it easier for you to keep track of your fitness schedule. Download the Precision Fitness & Wellbeing app for free today!   Our app makes it easy to plan and schedule your classes on the go. You can view class timetables, sign up

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Precision Fitness and Wellbeing is a big believer in quality workout gear. Being comfortable puts you at a huge advantage when training. We searched high and low for great gear that incorporates the best tech fabrics…AND makes you look like a knockout as you knock out those reps! Rock these colorful, custom-designed new finds at


[space height="15"] Dear Friends, I’m back from a grueling week. It is Friday morning, and as is customary, I look back over the week and scan my to-do lists to see if I’ve checked it all off.  →  So far so good. What a week! [one_fourth] Work was very, very busy. I found myself juggling


[space height="30"][one_third] We’ve had a bit of bad weather in Florida this past week or so. Is this a reason not to work out? [divider style="1" align="center" size="normal" variant="normal" dimension="3px" color="#ED2A7B" scrolltext=""][/divider][/one_third][one_third]O.K., maybe not as bad as all this, ↑ but tons of rain and weird 20-30 degree dips in the temperature.  Lots of colds and flu