PFIT Better Booty Challenge: Week 3!

PFIT Better Booty Challenge Week 3: Week 3 of the PFIT Better Booty Challenge is here and we're introducing a kick-butt week-long plan...The Tag-You're-It Challenge!  An equally committed, inspired social group is just what the doctor ordered! Tag anyone you know and partner up on your quest to obtain your best booty fitness!  Engaging and

PFIT Better Booty Challenge: Week 2!

Listen up PFIT Better Booty Challenge participants!  We know you've been working hard towards achieving the best booty possible.  Now, it's time to shake things up a bit and kick it into next gear! Week one was all about The PFIT Alphabet Challenge... Week two is about a whole new booty challenge:  The Commercial Break Challenge!

PFIT Better Booty Challenge – It’s On!

THE PFIT BETTER BOOTY CHALLENGE Precision Fitness is proud to announce and introduce the first monthly PF&W contest: The PFIT Better Booty Challenge! Yes, you can win a FREE personal training session with Coach Janis herself... a free PF&W tee shirt, plus FAME! as the winner of The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!  More on