The Good Life – Moist and Tender Chicken Breasts

Some General Factoids As probably well-known, particularly by you avid gym-goers, chicken is an excellent source of protein. One 6 oz. serving of chicken provides 48g of protein. Chicken has a high potassium count as well, in addition to calcium and has no carbs. Without a doubt, it’s a healthy and filling option. Healthy cuts

Fitting in a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Career

Wondering lately what’s keeping you from effectively balancing your career with life outside work? Do you really have time to have fun with friends and family, while giving attention to your hobbies and personal interests? Or does work engulf you completely, even on the weekends? Healthy Lifestyle: Coming to Terms with Work-life Balance How do

The Best Holiday Gift – Hiring a Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Thanksgiving – a time to display generous gratitude for the things you have. A time to bring the whole family together and connect on a more personal level, and unfortunately, the beginning of an overstuffed holiday season that’ll quite likely add a good 10 pounds to your waist faster than you can ask “Can I

The 2013 Amanda Marinelli Florida Gold Cup

Our Precision Divas will be participating in the...... 2013 Amanda Marinelli Florida Gold Cup Marinelli Fitness, Figure, & Bikini Classic! These contests are National Qualifiers and are a Fundraiser for the NPC Wheelchair Nationals! Date: Saturday, November 16th  Location: Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Prejudging 10am...Tickets $20 Night Show 7pm...VIP

Precision Diva Programs

“Just standing there and looking hot” is what most folks say. Well, there’s a lot more to being a professional bikini and figure competitor than just looking good on a stage. The Precision Divas are an elite group of women competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) and IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) competitions held

Precision Nutrition ™ Programs

An active lifestyle coupled with a sound diet regimen is the key factor that determines how you feel on the inside and look on the outside. This can tend to be at times, as they say, easier said than done. Life seems to be passing us by at an alarmingly fast pace and it tends

Precision Fitness and Wellbeing’ – Corporate Wellness

Every Organization’s No.1 Asset – Employee Health & Wellbeing You’re probably aware of the role fitness plays in our lives, particularly as we age. Those among us who are heavily engaged in the corporate sector can find it near-impossible at times to have the energy or quite simply the time to get a good workout,

Not All Protein Powders Are the Same

To Powder or Not to Powder? No doubt one of the biggest concerns fitness-conscious folks have is how to get in adequate amounts of high-quality protein, the most convenient and cost-effective way. Naturally, all that hard work in the gym is going to require replenishing and feeding tired muscles. Recovery is a key concern and

Holiday Binging

You’ve just stuffed yourself with a nice high-calorie holiday meal and as you sit slumped in your chair, all bloated and half-lifeless, you wonder why you wolfed down so much food. It’s quite well known that food comas are just about as common as hangovers induced by too much drinking during holidays. Well, the fact

Coconut Milk Easily Made in Your Kitchen

You’ll find this being used as a common base in Indian and Thai recipes: good homemade coconut milk makes for a superb addition to smoothies and many desserts. You can save money by easily making your own at home from shredded or fresh coconut. Coconut milk not only makes for a great lactose-free milk alternative,

Looking Good Without the Knife

Worrying about your looks too much will not only be a source of unwanted stress, but also makes you age faster. As a result, you see some folks gladly going under the knife in a bid to restore youthful looks and perhaps go back to feeling what it was like to be young and full