Thanksgiving – a time to display generous gratitude for the things you have. A time to bring the whole family together and connect on a more personal level, and unfortunately, the beginning of an overstuffed holiday season that’ll quite likely add a good 10 pounds to your waist faster than you can ask “Can I have some more potato salad please?”

Be smart; start the season with a diet and exercise plan and follow it through completely. This does get tricky at times though. How do you know you’re losing weight or even maintaining the right weight? Who’s going to keep a check on your daily calories? Are you doing all the exercises correctly and reaping the benefits?

Save yourself a lot of trouble by hiring a nutrition and fitness coach. In addition to chalking out clear goals and laying guidelines in front of you, a health coach can really take your fitness to a new level. The benefits are quite simply hard to ignore:[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • No matter how motivated you may be as a regular and avid gym-goer, a coach can literally help you work hard enough to go through walls! While working out, any number of things might be bouncing back and forth in your mind – counting the reps, focusing on form and breathing technique, what exercise to do next, and so on.
  • With a coach as your wingman, you’ve got none of that to worry about. All you need to do now is focus on working hard and squeezing the most value out of each minute spent exercising.
  • A workout regimen has already been prepared for you – you’ll know exactly what kind of exercises to do, the order in which they are to be executed, the duration, rest periods between intervals and sets.
  • There are just so many parameters that determine the success and outcome of each workout. When you allow somebody else to put together a workout for you based on your needs and end goals, you are effectively and actively identifying weaknesses, strengths, areas of improvements.
  • A coach is someone who will follow up on your progress and making sure you stay focused, hungry and motivated; it’s very easy to talk yourself out of a workout. But what excuse are you going to give your coach? At the end of the day he/she is simply there to keep you eating healthy and staying in tip top form.
  • By hiring a fitness coach, you’ve made a long-term investment. Nobody wants to let their investment go to waste. It’s quite convenient to make all this a part of your schedule, so before you know it, you’ll be working out at fixed times just like any other everyday activity like sleeping, shaving or watching TV.
  • Worried about what kind of foods improve your body mass index (BMI), and help you gain muscle and lose fat? Your coach will provide a complete outline for your diet program including recipes.[/list]

Fixed workout times each week, where you set time aside for food preparation is key to fulfilling goals that are both effective and realistic over the long haul.

A coach can provide a lot of inspiration by appreciating your efforts and constantly arming you with new tools to devise long-term fitness plans.