Can you believe it?!?  Less than two months remain to get yourself ready for the 2016PFiTBC PRO-AM!  

Before we talk about YOU, though, this newsflash:

The moment for FRIENDS AND FAMILY to finally get tickets to the show is here.  Buy ’em some!  If you want VIP tix, grab ’em while they’re available!



O.K., back to you!  We know you’ve been working hard and dedicating yourself to your preparation routine.  Keep at it!  Remember to take it one day at a time, stay consistent and hungry, and never, ever, give up!  Achieving your goal of getting on that stage and giving it your best is soooooo close!


Speaking of preparedness, let’s talk night-before and day-of competition.  Without stressing or feeling overwhelmed, let’s take a glance at these night-before and day-of competition tips!

Get your zen on…you’ve got this!


A lot of us (most of us) get nervous before momentous occasions.  That’s OK!  Even the most seasoned vets can get jitters the night before. If this is your first time out, you’ll likely be no different.  Envisioning competition day might just be the antidote to keep the nerves at bay.

The list of things you’ll likely have running through your head is long. Allow yourself a couple extra hours of rest to process everything you’re going through.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

dotHair Removal dot

Consider shaving the night before to avoid the tiny hairs popping out of your trunks at inappropriate times.  If you’re thinking about shaving the day of, consider about the long list of things you need to accomplish.  Perhaps allocating a few of those tasks for the night before might help relax your nerves the morning of competition.

Packing a Bag

Looking to save time?  Packing your bag the night before will do just that.  Get sorted and organize everything you need so that when you wake up on competition day, you’ll know you’re off to a pretty good start.  Trunks, music for your routine, tanning application, contest paperwork, food and towels should are all essentials for your bag.

Arriving For Prejudging dot

There is no such thing as arriving too early for prejudging.  The earlier you get there, the better off you are for getting situated and prepared for any unforeseen situations.  You’ve got a lot of work to do!  Be prepared and expect the unexpected.  Upon arriving at the contest site, you’ll likely run into a long line of competitors waiting for their turn to check in.  Don’t let the mass of humanity psyche you out – remember that there are several different weight classes and categories of competitors and until you’re onstage theres really no way to tell who is in your class.  Focus on yourself and no one else!  The only thing that matters is how you look on stage!

dotThe Pump-Up Room dot

Find the order of events and pace yourself for where your class falls.  There likely will be a pump-up area where you can get yourself looking your best before heading out onto the stage for prejudging.  Timing is crucial here.  You don’t want to get ready too soon and risk losing your vascularity, or workout too hard before heading onto stage.  On the flip side, if you don’t give yourself enough time, you run the risk of looking flat in front of the judges.

dotYou’ll likely have a few moments with your competitors before going on stage for the first time.  Be sure you’re in the right spot and that the judges can see your number on your posing trunks or suit easily.  Finally, take a couple deep breaths before walking on stage looking your best. The lights are on bright… so have fun!

You’ve worked too hard not to enjoy this!

Now, let’s make this all the more real completing your sign-up!  



Let’s tackle anxiety, nervousness, restlessness…just keep envisioning your glorious self on stage!

Coach Janis and the Precision Fitness & Wellbeing Team



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