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Go DIG IN THE DIRT! Gardening is not only calming, therapeutic and rewarding, it can also help you build muscles and burn calories.

• Start slowly. Just like any new workout program, small steps.
• Use the right and left hands equally. When raking or shoveling, switch hands every 5-10 minutes to give each side a good workout.
• Be sure to breathe. Deep, cleansing breaths bring oxygen to those working muscles.
• Lift with your legs—never your back! Make sure to bend those knees. And when moving heavy items, such as potted plants, hold them close to your core.
• Maximize the benefits by adding extra stretches, steps and squats.
• Drink plenty of water.

Enjoy your garden—whether flower or veggie. Visit it often…and bring water!



How much do you know about your ticker—your heart, that is?

How many gallons of blood can a healthy heart pump during a day?
• 2,000 gallons
• 1,000 gallons
• 500 gallons
2,000 gallons. That’s 4 times as much water as a standard fire truck can carry.

Do men or women have a faster heartbeat on average?
• Men
• Women
• No difference
A woman’s average heartbeat is faster by almost 8 beats a minute.

Q: What is a normal resting heart rate for an adult?
• 40 – 50 bpm (beats per minute)
• 60 – 80 bpm
• 90 – 110 bpm
For adults, the range is from 60 to 80 beats a minute. Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. For a well-trained athlete, a normal rate might be closer to 40 bpm.





Ready for some top-notch binge watching? Check out the DOCUMENTARY SHORTS that were nominated for the 2018 Academy Awards:

Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405, Frank Stiefeln (Winner)

Traffic Stop, Kate Davis & David Heilbroner

Edith+Eddie, Laura Checkoway and Thomas Lee Wright

Heroin(e), Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Kerrin Sheldon

Knife Skills, Thomas Lennon





Be Fit
Be Well
Be Mindful
Be Winning
Be Happy

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