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For fun exercise, grab a HULA HOOP!
The humble hula hoop is a bona fide piece of workout equipment that can tone your thighs, abdominals, gluts, and arms. And it’s just as much fun as you remember!

Move 1: The Classic Side to Side. Hula for up to one minute, rest for a few seconds, then repeat.
Move 2: Front and Back. Stagger your feet, with toes pointed forward. Hula for a minute, rest for a few seconds, then switch your feet and repeat.

Move 3: The Bump (above). Stand with legs squeezed together and knees soft, holding the hoop at waist level. With a flat back, lean forward and push the hoop to rotate. To keep the hoop spinning, bend and straighten your knees; hold abs tight and keep your weight on your toes. The hoop should stay almost perpendicular to the floor. Keep it going for 30 seconds, rest, then repeat one or two more times.

Move 4: The Orbit. Stand with your feet together and hold the hoop straight out in front of your body. Get the hoop in motion so that it’s rotating around your hand (move your arm up and down slightly to maintain the momentum). Slowly raise your arm above your head, keeping the hoop moving—it should roll over your thumb and into your palm. Do this for one minute, then return to start. Repeat with the other arm.

With thanks to Real Simple



Eat Smart for a HEALTHIER BRAIN! Add these ‘superfoods’–at the recommended daily amount noted–to your daily diet, and you will increase your odds of maintaining a healthy brain for the rest of your life.

• Blueberries – 1 cup a day

• Wild salmon – 4-ounce serving, 2 to 3 times a week
• Nuts and seeds (raw or roasted; unsalted is better) – 1 ounce a day
• Avocados – Only ¼ to ½ avocado a day, as they are high in calories as well as fiber.
• Whole grain cereal or rice – 1/2 cup a day.
• Whole grain bread – 2 to 3 slices a day
• Wheat germ – 2 tablespoons a day
• Beans – ½ cup a day
• Pomegranate juice – About 2 ounces a day, diluted with spring water or seltzer; the amount is small because this juice has added sugar to counteract its natural tartness.
• Dark chocolate (YAY!) – 1 ounce a day

With thanks to WebMD



Master the art of MINDFUL COOKING!
Mindfulness is at its most powerful when you let it percolate into your life, across everything you do. While it’s not realistic cook this way every single time, here’s a useful way to rethink your approach:

Set your intentions. Ask yourself why you are preparing this food, and then take note of your state of mind. Try to see food prep as an opportunity to be creative.
Appreciate the food. Become aware of the ingredients you are choosing to put in your body, looking at them with a beginner’s mind. Where did they came from? How far did they travel? How healthy are they?
Focus on cooking. Turn off the distractions–TV, radio, music–so you can be present with what you’re doing.
Tune in to your 5 senses. Appreciate the colors, the aromas, the sensations on your fingers, the sounds, the changing textures.
Be a joyful cook!



Let’s consider this a win—on a personal level: Take some time to RELAX IN A STEAMY HOT BATH. You will feel rejuvenated!

• Make the bath your soul chamber, a place where you can go to relax and be alone.
• Bring a cup of tea or a glass of wine to enjoy.
• Turn down the harsh lights and bathe by candlelight instead. If you like, bring on the aromatherapy with candles.
• Play soothing music.
• Leave your phone outside so you can avoid the beeps and pings—unless you’re using it to play music, in which case set it to airplane mode.
• Or…use this quiet time to meditate.



Give your dad some extra love and attention this Sunday, FATHER’S DAY! He deserves every bit of it!

And don’t forget…if you’re the father of a father, tell your son what you’ve learned from watching HIM be a dad!



Be Fit
Be Well
Be Mindful
Be Winning
Be Happy

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