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A basic yet fundamental exercise, the ONE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW strengthens numerous muscle groups including the posterior shoulder, the upper back, and the latissimus dorsi—one of the largest muscles in your back right in the middle.
As simple as this exercise is, many people perform it incorrectly. Here’s some guidance:
·       While holding the dumbbell in your right hand, place your left knee and hand on a bench. Make sure that your back is straight, parallel to the floor, and that your neck is neutral (this means looking down, not up or forward).
·       Keep your core muscles activated at all times.
·       This is where the most common mistake occurs: Initiate the row by squeezing your latissimus dorsi muscles, driving your elbow up towards the ceiling and actively retracting your scapula towards your spine. Avoid excessive rotation of your torso when rowing the dumbbell up.
·       When reversing the movement, do not let your shoulder blade protract all of the way down. Keep some level retraction in your scapula at all times.
·       Repeat on the opposite side.


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