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7 Ways to Become More Courageous:

  1. Do reconnaissance to remove aspects of the unknown. Uncertainty breeds fear. Do a dry run.
  2. Use relaxation techniques. A little fear amps you up. Too much shuts you down. Use various relaxation techniques including tensing and relaxing all the parts of your body, “tactile breathing,” and meditation. Need a meditation app for any level, try Headspace.
  3. Get skilled. Given the diversity of scenarios that involve risk and danger, it pays to develop a wide range of skills, from self-defense and first aid, to automotive repair and the ability to speak a foreign language.
  4. Buddy up. Loved ones provide accountability; the dread of shame will spur you to keep your word. The presence of family and friends can also impart comfort and confidence that tamps down fear.
  5. Carry a talisman. You might think that the use of lucky charms or religious totems is irrational, but research has shown that such items can effectively improve performance in both mental and physical tasks. Turns out there’s something to athletes putting on lucky underwear or eating a ritualistic meal before games, after all.
  6. Think of yourself less. When you believe everyone is watching you, you get self-conscious, which can lead you to be paralyzed and awkward.
  7. Do something scary once a week. Think of courage as a muscle that needs regular training to be kept strong. It has to be kept “in shape” through small choices, for you to be able to employ it in the service of big ones.
    Thanks to AOM for the inspiration!


Be Fit
Be Well
Be Mindful
Be Winning
Be Happy

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