How to stop mindless munching and avoiding temptation

When your job involves truffle fries instead of office supplies, you have to get creative at dodging food so you don’t blow up like a human soufflé. Folks who whip up culinary delights for a living (or are just near them all day long) have to keep themselves from nibbling 24-7. Steal these real-life-tested tricks for avoiding food temptation.

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A high-protein breakfast fills you up and keeps you satisfied. Egg whites with basil and tomatoes, vegetable omelettes, or a protein shake are great options.

Savor your sips

When out with friends for dinner or happy hour it can be hard to gauge how much you’ve  had to drink. The calories can add up. The trick: Sip slowly. By the time you’re ready for a refill it may just be time to head home.

Freshen up

Brush your teeth multiple times a day- having a clean-mouth feeling keeps you from wanting to nosh. Rich foods and salty treats don’t taste as delicious with minty breath. Chewing on a piece of strong, pepperminty gum stops nibbling too.

Downsize your utensils

Use an espresso spoon with that decadent dessert —you can only load so much on it. That way, you can enjoy a spoonful of chocolate pudding cake with coffee ice cream without overdoing it. Smaller spoon, fewer calories.

Fill up on H2O

It helps you fuel and connect with your body. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger, so before you reach for that snack, have a glass of water first. It aids in digestion, keeps toxins at bay and helps you feel fuller too.

Make it bubbly

Try sparkling water with lunch or when restricting calories. The bubbles are refreshing and give the sensation of being full.

Snack smarter

Have healthier substitutions available and making better choices is easier. Have apples with goat cheese instead of on crackers, a juice spritzer instead of soda, cashews instead of chips- get creative!

Make plans to indulge

If you plan to have a piece of dark chocolate after dinner, or indulge in some frozen yogurt it helps to temper your cravings for the rest of the day. You’ll stay on track with something to look forward to.

Preserve the goodies

The freezer is one of the most underutilized tools in your kitchen. It’s not just for ice cream. Especially right now after the holidays, you can freeze pies, nuts, brownies, and cookie dough. That way, you won’t eat it right away, and won’t feel like you’re wasting food by throwing it out.

Soups On

Once a week,  make a big stew. Use healthy oils, low sodium broth and throw in garlic, onions, carrots, beets,  potatoes, beans, maybe some low-fat cuts of meat. Whatever you like! When hunger strikes, you’ll have a super-satisfying, low-fat dish that is filling and packed with nutrients.

Weigh your options

Always ask yourself, ‘Is it worth the calories?’ a special dessert on date night at your favorite restaurant or bakery may be worth it. Those office gummy candies and potato chips?… definitely not.

Do a doggie bag

You may  want to scarf down the whole plate, but ask for a doggie bag at the beginning of your meal. Pack up half the plate and set aside to take home. You are now free to savor each bite without the risk of overindulging. Plus you get a great lunch for tomorrow!

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