Getting that perfect bikini body could be all about determination and planning. You would need to remain focused to your goals and plan your workout schedules accordingly. Remember, achieving a bikini-ready frame could involve all three forms of training, cardio, stretching exercises and strengthening workouts. You will be required to burn fat, elevate fitness levels and build lean muscle mass as well. Therefore, mixing up these three would be essential. Listed below is a typical workout schedule that can help you achieve that dream body.

Workout Tips for the Perfect Bikini Body 

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  • Warm Up and Cool Down: Cardio workouts are ideal for warm ups and cool downs. Therefore, your entire workout schedules must begin and end with a low intensity cardio workout. You can choose whichever machine you please for the beginning and ending sessions. If you wish, your warm ups could also be followed up by some moderate to high intensity cardio workouts if you please. This could lead to the strength training part of the schedule.
  • Strength Training: Remember; take 2 slow counts for lifting the weights, and four counts while lowering it. The weight must be enough to fatigue you in 12 repetitions. Increase the weight by at least 5% for every third workout session. Consider completing only a single set of strength training routine before performing the stretching exercises.
  • Stretching Exercises: For stretching, choose a machine as a prop and hold your stretches to a bearable tension point for about 20 seconds without bouncing. Once completed, move immediately to the next machine. By the time the machine has been adjusted and the weight has been selected, the body would have rested enough.
  • Abdominal Exercises: The final session of your workout sessions would be abdominal exercises. You can either choose to practice free hand crunches on the floor or use a machine. A complete set of 12 reps is to be completed if you are on a machine. For crunches, at least 20 to 25 repetitions would be mandatory. Once the set has been completed, your abs need to be stretched by lying on the floor straight on your back, extending your arms and legs as much as you can.[/list]

For best results, this entire workout schedule would have to be repeated at least three times a week. However, depending upon your endurance levels, you can begin by repeating it twice and then scale it up to three times a week.

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