It’s that time again when I check in to see how my friends are doing….

I had a journal of things I was going to write about today. I’m looking at the list now thinking; That happened this past week?? It seems so long ago.

Had a sprained ankle at the beginning of the week. I’m not even sure how that happened…Stay off the ankle? Nah….walked it out.

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My workouts were on point this week. Still reaching out to women every day and loving it!!

Especially love the way eyes light up when I talk about my journey: The one that has gotten me thus far and the road I’m currently travelling. It’s funny how the topic of health/lifestyle/working out comes up in all my conversations in the form of questions from women in all walks of life.

[one_half]↓↓↓ LOVE THESE! ↓↓↓
Admire It Acquire It
Admire It Acquire It
Admire It Acquire It
Admire It Acquire It [/one_half]


Trainer / Nutritionist

Do you have either or both? A helpful addition to ensure you’re expending your time and energy in the right direction.

Massage Therapist

I look forward to my Fridays with Vivien!! After plugging away at it all week, this is heaven-sent.

Retail Therapy

Need it! Ask Jimmy and Giuseppi, my most recent acquisitions!!

Down time this week

Re-runs of Modern Family. Yes. There it is.


The journey

There is “the journey” that happens as we live our day-to-day lives, and there is “the journey” that we choose when we are setting a goal to achieve “that thing”. There are so many facets of a journey that it is impossible to cover them all in a single weekly blog update. Suffice it to say, that wherever you are now is where you are making a choice to be.

Knowing thyself

A lack of knowledge of self, I have found, leads to an ever-changing journey, goals that don’t quite get achieved, a sense of dissatisfaction with every accomplishment. It just never seems enough: You choose a journey now, and then jump ship to grab on to your neighbor’s journey because she seems to be getting more attention, more play, more limelight. There is an extreme push and effort towards a goal that is now not even sure is the desired outcome. You burn yourself out in the process. If you find yourself looking at your neighbor’s accomplishments and successes, and you perceive as far greater than anything you have done, you are setting yourself up for failure. If there is an expression of dissatisfaction that emanates from within, search within and find a cure for self. Let nothing hinder you.

The Hater

I know not of whom I speak. Surely this term is used, but I choose to believe such a figment doesn’t exist…. The hater is someone who sets no goals, except when it serves to one-up the person already working hard at his/her own. That person which the hater now perceives as a threat becomes the subject of subtle and sometimes not so subtle barbed comments. Do you know this person? Help her/him by being focused on your goal. Be an example of unwavering focus with love.

The Inspiration

Be your true you. Be true to yourself. Remember you started on this journey for YOU. Only you can be the best you. You are in control of no one but self. Keep the goal(s) in sight and keep plugging away. When it gets really busy, keep going. When you get disappointed, Pray. Believe. Hope. Keep moving. When you are tired, rest. Above all, keep walking with head held high. Because YOU rock!! [/one_half_last]