Congratulations! So, you have finally made the decision to be fitter! The daily workout schedule has been planned and your tracks and running shoes are rearing to go! However, if you are a beginner, or haven’t worked out for years, starting off with a workout session abruptly could cause multiple health problems. It is important to consider some very vital safety measures before and while taking the plunge. Listed below are some essential measures you must consider.

Some Important Workout Safety Measures for Beginners 

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  •  Head for a Medical Check-up: Undergoing a complete medical checkup before starting on your exercise program could be more important than you think! And this would be more essential if you are overweight or suffering from a chronic medical condition. Your doctor will check you for cardiac health as well as bone and joint health before certifying that you are fit to undertake the chosen workout schedule. In case your heart isn’t strong enough, vigorous cardio workouts may not be suggested for you.  Some forms of joint related problems could actually aggravate with certain types of workouts as well.
  • Space it Out: It is important to refrain from getting overtly ambitious with your workout plan, right at the start. Remember, the body needs time to warm up and brace for the challenges you are subjecting it to. Therefore, modest beginnings are suggested. According to medical experts a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity is required on a daily basis for improvement in cardiovascular health. However, it could prove to be a tall order for beginners. Ideally, you must start with 10 minute sessions spaced out throughout the day. Begin by exercising twice or thrice a week and scale it up as your body gets used to it.
  • Wrist and Ankle Weights Aren’t for Beginners: Remember, when you start with your workout sessions, your body is already being subjected to some form of newfound stress. Adding weights to your knees and ankles will only increase it manifold. Therefore, adding these weights may not be suitable for beginners. Allow your body as much freedom as possible, till it gets used to the daily workout sessions. Additional stress should be kept for later.
  • Do not Neglect Hydration: If you have just begun your workout sessions, dehydration could actually wreak havoc on your system unless you are extremely careful. Therefore, make sure to tank up on as much fluids as possible before, during and after your workout sessions. [/list]

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