Having a sense of self-love, positive body image and personal well-being are just some of the things we humans pursue on the road to finding peace, joy and contentment.

Harnessing the above is absolutely vital to enjoying a blissful existence. It is though, no secret that many among us obsess after “the perfect body” and look to it as a gateway to finding inner-peace and contentment. This unhealthy obsession however, can take its toll on a person’s sense of wellbeing. Vanity certainly isn’t something you want to have among your personality traits.

A healthy self-image no matter what your body type is indeed a key ingredient when it comes to having a “well-rounded” personality. Traits like high self-esteem and confidence often come from having a positive image of yourself. Consider these for a moment:

Love the fruits of nature  

A handful among us, particularly women, are unhappy with their physical appearance. You’ll find them often complaining about their thighs, hips and waist. Being thin though by no means, guarantees satisfaction. Here’s something that ought to be acknowledged: while growing up, friends and family focusing too much on your physical appearance and being quick to criticize, can lead to obsessive disorders and a negative self-image. You can’t change the past and you certainly shouldn’t dwell on it.

You can change how you feel now. It starts now, by appreciating what nature has given you and showing gratitude.

Expand on physical beauty

There are a number of characteristics that makes us pleasing to the eye. Throughout ages, fashion and dress sense have taken a distinct tone. Choose an era that best fits your personality and outlook on life. However, this isn’t just limited to your physical appearance. How you treat yourself and people around you has an impact on your inner beauty and to an extent, your outer beauty as well!

The inner critic

Instead of making hateful comments to yourself and criticizing how you look or how you should look, give yourself a little positive talk. Remind yourself that there aren’t any cameras constantly trained on you, neither is there any pressure to look picture-perfect all the time. Even then, if you feel a particular body part simply doesn’t look right, do something about it! Indulge in weight training or go for runs early in the morning, whatever yields results. Know that it’s a consistent process and results come with time and patience. Added benefits include reduced stress and anxiety. And you’ll just feel tip-top from the inside!

Time for a reality check

You’ll come to know the preferred waist size is not very far off from the one you have currently. Not unless you suffer from serious health-related conditions. Stop wearing clothes that are too tight or way too loose. Identify your best features and wear clothes that compliment them. You’re not dressing up to please others, but primarily to feel comfortable yourself.

Posture says it all

You are entitled to talking up space on the earth just like everybody else! Stand tall, with your back upright, your head high and shoulders back. And then, proceed to walk in a way that lets people know where you’re coming from! This shouldn’t take a lot of work though, but definitely makes your general appearance more confident. Be comfortable under your skin and avoid comparing yourself to others.